Best Doctor For Liposuction In Lahore Pakistan.

Best Doctors For Liposuction In Lahore Pakistan.

How the microcannulas help in getting smoother liposuction results?

Microcannulas allow a more gradual and controlled removal of fat thus leading to smoother liposuction results. This improves the ability of the surgeon to achieve smoother results.

Larger cannulas are associated with an increased risk of liposuction causing skin depressions and irregularities. Larger cannulas may remove fat so quickly that there is a risk of removing too much fat. It is also more difficult to precisely control the direction of a large cannula. With any attempt to make a small incremental change in the direction of a large cannula there is tendency to re-enter a pre-existing tunnel within the fat. This lack of precise control contributes to the risk of skin irregularities associated with liposuction when using large cannulas.